Acne Causing Foods To Avoid

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Is it possible to cure acne by a mere diet? I’ll let you decide that for yourself after you have read the next few lines; what I can tell you right now is that most physicians believe that you couldn’t cause acne by what you eat, which I personally consider to be a farce. But then again, I’m merely a lowly writer, and your opinion is yours to draw from the facts that are presented below.

SEAFOOD – Interestingly, there aren’t a lot of people who realize that seafood often contains very high levels of iodine, which is known rather well to contribute significantly to the worsening of an acne condition. Again, the general consensus is that it does not cause you to have acnes, merely that by abstinence from foods containing the mineral/element, you can speed up your acne cure process. I would say that if you were at risk of acne, probably by genetic inheritance or by the fact that you are just reaching to your adolescence, you will do well to cut back on your seafood and iodine consumption.

MILK – Based on research, there is definitely a connection between the milk and acnes, and that connection is believed to be positively epidemiological. Facts prove that the consumption of various forms of treated milks, such as partially skimmed, instant breakfast drink, sherbet, cottage cheese, and cream cheese, all have ways of worsening a case of acne. Most researchers tend to put it down as an association between bovine in cow milk and the several sex hormones in the human body, but they sincerely have not been able to identify the exact factor or component in milk that causes the problems.

So dermatologists say you should perhaps experiment with the way you consume milk so that you can determine specifically which type of milk affects your acne adversely; I say you should generally avoid the above listed forms of milk once you realize that you are prone to acnes.

CARBOHYDRATES – High refined sugar content in your diet has always been believed to be one of the most glaring causes of acne for acne sufferers; and the same goes for a lot of other processed foods that are regularly consumed by the general American public. However a lot of questions are raised by the fact that even though most people consume these foods in their diet, not all of them respond with acnes.

Incidentally, most non-westernized countries and societies in the world today really don’t suffer as much from acnes as Americans do, which would suggest that the carbohydrate content in the foods we eat must indeed be a contributing factor to the incidence of acnes in the United States. As such, you may want to consider a low glycemic index in your diet to cure your acne, and do away with such foods as soft drinks, sweets, white bread if you desire to alleviate your acne. And of course, you know what to do with the junk food and the high fat and sugar content that it has.

OTHER SUGARS – I’ll leave this to you to decide, but studies suggest that other high sugar content foods like your regular chocolate, and your french fries, and the chips, and the sugar, are all parts of a long list to comprise high sugar foods that worsen acne. For a fact, abstinence from them will help you cure the condition; and so it is reasonable to believe that the same abstinence can help to prevent your acnes also. It is a given: acne treatment by diet is possible; therefore acne prevention by the same means has got to be a viable approach to dealing with acne. There simply isn’t anything else to it.