Acne Medication Prescription Topical – Using MetroGel And Other Products To Treat Acne

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There are several types of acne, and one of the worst of them is acne rosacea. It is so because it is a recurring skin disease that never quite goes away. Instead, it inflames your cheeks, forehead and nose with blood and infection that causes red patches all over your face.

You may have observed that the disease is most common in fair skinned people, but yet the cause of acne rosacea is not exactly known. What is known of it is mostly that it is related to malassezia furfur or dandruff in some way. Thankfully, the cure for the disease is known, and has been in use for years. As a matter of fact, it is being improved upon all the time.

Herbal treatment for acne rosacea has been tried over time, but few people can lay claims on the fact that they were able to cure the condition that way. However, it has been treated for a long time by tetracycline therapy. The problem with this is that it is rife with side effects, and that it takes too long to yield results. Again when the disease does relapse, as it often does, it is usually more severe and harder to treat.

Improving upon the standard long-term therapy with tetracycline, acne rosacea can now be practically erased by using a new product from Curatek Pharmaceuticals. You may have heard of it; it is called MetroGel. All you need to do is apply the gel on the infected skin and you will be cured within little or no time. Even the very worst conditions were known to have been totally cured within six months of the beginning of the treatment, but average patients like you and I can be through with it within four to six weeks.

Added to that, you want to treat your dandruffs to make sure that they never cause a relapse. In this instance, various herbal treatments work that will see to is that you never suffer from the flaking off of your scalp in excessive amounts again. Since it is clearly related to the amounts of oils that are in your system, you will do well to regulate that also. You may begin to consume only oils that are plant or water based.

Yeah, acne rosacea does have a knack for relapsing from time to time. When that happens, what you have to do is reapply the treatment that you already have for it. Before long, you will find again that the red patches on your skin are gone.

I suppose it’s time to hit the drugstore now and get a tube of your own MetroGel.

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