Acne And Sulfur

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Sulfur has been known to work for acne for ages. Back in ancient Egypt, it was the way the sons of the pharaohs were treated for the disease – by bathing them in sulfur laced hot water. Sincerely, sulfur is your simplest measure for treating the disease. At least start with sulfur, then you can graduate to other medications.

Some form of endocrine disorder also causes acne. It is why you sometimes see extreme cases of it in adults. It of course is not the only reason why people have the disease, but it is the reason why it may persist in people who are closer to fifty years of age. When you try to administer treatment, you might want to start from there.

Because acne causes are sometimes tied to your hormones, you might not be able to stop them outright. However, you can give it a very good go. Start by learning all you can about the condition, then see what you can do about keeping it off.

When you suffer a lot from acne, you might want to keep the makeup down to a minimum. You would only be adding to the complications if you line your face so hard with rogue so all the time. Watch that habit, will you.

You should keep a lid on the amount of oil-based products you use on your skin. As a matter of fact, you should keep a lid on the amount of oil-based products you consume when you are prone to acne. You see, when you are prone to acne, too much oily stuffs only tend to worsen matters for you. Know them, and avoid them.

When you have acnes, wash your face well all the time. It does not harm either, if you do it with lime or some kind of fruit containing the potent citrus acid. It is not an actual medication for the condition, but it is a good treatment that you will do well to remember. It leaves the bacteria nowhere to hide.

People who have acnes should maintain clean sheets all over the house. Anything that could come in contact with their faces should be kept clean so that chances of the condition worsening can at least be kept in check.

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